Cloudcroft New Mexico Dream home

Posted on Friday, September 8th, 2017 in Bought

               “Totally Impressed with our Experience”

Mark and Janet were looking for a cabin they could invest in. They had planned a trip to Cloudcroft from San Antonio to look at cabins.  Initially making plans with another agent in our office, but plans changed and I was asked if I could help out?  Speaking with Mark and Janet about what they were looking for in an investment property, we quickly gathered several criteria.  We narrowed down our list of potential properties, and set out to find that perfect cabin!

I’m always curious of how my clients found Cloudcroft and when they first visited the area.  According to the Mark; I had heard about Cloudcroft before and scheduled it in to a two-week Thanksgiving 2016 road trip we took.  Janet’s first real road trip of any kind.  We both fell in love with the area”.

Nestled in the tall pines and aspens, Cloudcroft is the perfect vacation getaway. The weather is pleasant and cool all throughout the year.  Cloudcroft is surrounded by National Forrest, and sits at just under 9,000 feet in elevation.

Another question asked was why they decided to look for a cabin in Cloudcroft, and what they love about the area?


We love the Lodge, and have stayed there several times since our first trip.  We love the stunning views, the quaint village, the isolation of the area, and Janet is always thrilled to see the wild horses”.

The Lodge is a historic century old hotel built when the railroads first passed through Cloudcroft. Cloudcroft is such a great place to visit for people who enjoy outdoor activities. Lincoln National Park is the perfect place for camping out or hiking on the trails, riding ATVs and mountain bikes, or hunting. Also, in the winter, tourists can cross country ski, ski on our ski slops, or snow mobile. Everywhere you turn there is always a stunning view of the landscape and the wild life. In a single day, you can picnic by a waterfall, see cactus in bloom, or trek through Douglas firs and white pines.



I asked them how they came across Green Mountain Real Estate and why they decided to use our services. According to them, We started with another agent who was not giving us the sort of help we had hoped for.  After some internet research and speaking to an agent one night we were passed on to Nathan who immediately reached out to us and got right to work exceeding all our expectations”.

How was your experience looking for property, and what was the process like once you found the cabin you wanted?

“We are real estate investors with lots of experience with agents all over the country.  This experience was by far the best experience we’ve ever had.  We’ve even mentored a young agent we’re working with at home to model Nathan’s diligence, style and techniques. Nathan and the team made the entire process smooth and seamless.  Providing everything we required promptly and thoroughly anticipating all our needs.”



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